How can I join your research group?

The only way is to apply to the ECE department at UofT and mention that you want to work with me in your statement of intent.  Emailing me will unfortunately not work or help in this cause.

I have a great startup idea and am looking for funding?

I am currently funding companies that were founded by my previous students, are related to augmented reality, or are created by other faculty members at the University of Toronto.  If you are in any of these categories, please email me.

Are you looking for engineers at ModiFace?

Yes!  Always.  Please email hr (at) modiface (dot) com with your resume, transcript (important), and a short note.

Can I get a letter of reference?

Normally, I would be delighted to help.  However, time restrictions mean that I can only provide letters of reference for my previous graduate students.